Susan B. Mitchell
Author, Storyteller, Historian
Hearts Turn When History Talks

Everyone enjoys a good story, but true stories empower us!

As we learn about our ancestors, we draw strength from them. “If my little grandmother could do that, I CAN DO THIS!”

True events of the past must be remembered. The sacrifices of those gone before must be appreciated. We must embrace the truth, or we will lose it!

If we choose, we can learn from the past to better the future.


My mission is to find, preserve and share true stories from the past that inspire, motivate, and empower hearts of the present.



Books by Susan B. Mitchell

Volume 1: A Time of Discovery in OHIO

The original version of Forever Stalwart was too large and heavy to read in bed! With actual names, this volume about three pioneer families reveals the excitement, challenges, and discovery of a new way of life in Ohio.

Volume 2: A Time of Testing in MISSOURI

 With actual names this volume discloses an authentic account of the heartache, trials, and testing of a humble people determined to do the will of the Lord no matter the cost in the state of Missouri.

Volume 3: A Time of Sacrifice in ILLINOIS

With actual names this volume witnesses the true joys and deep sorrows experienced by early Saints in the state of Illinois.

Volume 4: A Time of Enduring in Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming:

With actual names this volume details in part the perplexing and often perilous journey of a faithful people who pioneered their way West seeking safety and religious freedom.

Volume 5: A Time of Refining in UTAH:

 With actual names this volume documents the struggles, rewards and blessings of a faithful people determined to tame the Wild West in Utah.

Volume 6: A Time of Remembrance DOCUMENTS

This volume is a collection of treasured photos, maps, letters, deeds, and other official documents pertaining to and about the three pioneer families recognized in the Forever Stalwart series. An appendix is dedicated to each family and a full bibliography of the entire series is included in the back.

Forever Stalwart

A true and documented account of three pioneer families (took 3 decades to research).

Talking Tulips

A true and inspiring World War II incident shared by my Army Air Corp father.

Noah Knew It

Written in verse and illustrated with what my husband calls my “pop bottle people” drawings.

Lupus Lou:

Never Give UP!

Lupus Lou is the true story of a young woman’s courageous journey through terminal illness.

Pure Parenting

Tidbits contained herein reflect a lifetime of struggle, experimentation, trial and error, successes, and failures.

Favorite Stories

Favorite Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas

True/original Christmas stories – one for each of the 12 Days of Christmas.