Susan B. Mitchell
Author, Storyteller, Historian
Hearts Turn When History Talks


Volume 1: A Time of Discovery in Ohio

“I am usually of two minds when I read historical books. If it’s straight history, I wish there was a story showing the difficulties that a family might have had to endure. In other words, I want a story!

On the other hand, if it is a historical novel involving people and their stories, a part of me is always wondering which part of the story actually happened and which is made up. With this conflict in my mind, I’m seldom satisfied.

Susan Mitchell’s book “Forever Stalwart” is the best of both worlds, following the lives of people I quickly came to care about. This is a story that captivated me. In addition, after every few pages there are historical documents, diaries, journals, and other references which make it clear how closely the actual events have been captured.

This is an amazing book! For me it was like being there as members of the Church migrated from Ohio to Utah, and then what their life was like in Utah. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and enthusiastically recommend it!”

~ Jack Weyland

Volume 2: A Time of Testing in Missouri

“Lovingly and skillfully written by a great-great-granddaughter, the story of Titus Billings, Mormon pioneer, is at once intensely interesting, deeply insightful, and powerful inspirational. Impeccable research – the work of decades—has enabled Susan Billings Mitchell to bring to light the account of a remarkable man of unfaltering faith and unyielding works in an authentic setting of 19th Century Mormonism. The strength of the man and the tenets of the gospel of Jesus Christ are woven together to provide a faith-promoting experience, well worth the time of the reader.”

Forever Stalwart Evaluation by Daryl Hoole:
Over-all appearance—very appealing, professional
Format—easy to read, nicely organized.
General response—lovingly, skillfully put together—radiates a beautiful spirit, inspirational and faith-promoting.
Text—well written, few people can write good dialog—yours is authentic/real, fresh, not trite, or repetitious, true to the time.
Integrity—Church History woven throughout.
Documentation—meticulously researched.

~ Daryl Hoole

Volume 3: A Time of Sacrifice in Illinois

“A long-awaited story, decades waiting to be told, of family, faith, and fortitude. This narrative is wonderfully woven with fact and fiction, documentation, and details. Thank you, Susan, for knitting the threads of the life of an ordinary man into the fabric of an extraordinary man. Titus would be honored, and I am grateful ‘that our children may know.’ “

~ Randy B. Shaw

Volume 4: A Time of Enduring in Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming

“I just finished reading “Forever Stalwart” and just couldn’t be more impressed.  It is well written, thoroughly researched and is a tremendous masterpiece.  Truly inspiring and awesome in every way. Congratulations!”

~ Lewis K. Billings

Volume 4: A Time of Enduring in Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming

“If you love to discover new facts about church history, you’ll want to check out the less-known treasures tucked into this book. Using actual names, places, and dates, it tells the TRUE story of three pioneer families!”

~ Susan Easton Black

Volume 5: A Time of Refining in Utah

“Susan Billings Mitchell’s “Forever Stalwart”, the first book-length account of Titus Billings and his family, the great Mormon Pioneer Leader and friend to Prophet Joseph Smith and contemporaries, is a page-turner. Mitchell’s easy text weaves historical facts and unique characters with such meaty narrative, it left me feeling that if any of them had walked into my office, I would feel to greet them as friends. This is history as it is meant to be written and so rarely achieved. It will reward the reader, not just by acquainting us with great early Latter-day Saints, but in understanding the times they lived and their struggles to achieve a promised better world.”

~ Brent Ashworth

Volume 6: A Time of Remembrance

“Huge congratulations. Sources, appendix, pictures, maps, writing style, bringing your ancestors out of obscurity, giving them personalities . . . this is a treasure. I remember well your mother and her interest in Titus Billings – and now look at what you have done. What a wonderful contribution you have made to your family and to the Church. Your manuscript reminds me in a descriptive manner of the greatness of Titus and his extended family.

Thanks so much for sharing with me your scholarship and love for the man that Joseph loved.”

~ Susan Easton Black