Susan B. Mitchell
Author, Storyteller, Historian
Hearts Turn When History Talks

About the Author

Susan Billings Mitchell was born in Utah, the destination of the Mormon Pioneers she grew up to research and write about. She married the love of her life, Robert L. Mitchell, and with him raised nine remarkable children who blessed them with 35 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. Not only did Bob move her to Idaho, Missouri, Colorado, and South Dakota, but he also took her to visit church historical places (several times for her research) and to the Holy Land (not to mention several trips to Alaska and Hawaii as well).

Her interest in writing jumped-started in Fourth Grade when she won a box of crayons for the best poem in the contest. The next year she won a tin of watercolors for First Place in the Fifth Grade Story Contest convincing her that writing is fun and worthwhile.

Susan was taught to write down goals. In MIA (the Mutual Improvement Association – a church organization for youth) she was challenged to write a letter to herself “My Dream Girl” listing all the things she wanted to accomplish before graduating from high school. The letter was sealed and tucked into a little wooden chest, not to be opened again until graduation. One item on that list was to become editor of the “Provonian” her high school newspaper. Susan knew the wish was farfetched because that position was filled by appointment, but it was her dream, so she embraced it. To her delight she was appointed Editor-in-Chief her senior year and was truly amazed when she opened the letter upon graduation to discover that most of her wishes had come true.

Susan has published several times in her favorite children’s magazine, The Friend; once in The Ensign; and many times in the Cup of Comfort series. She has authored several books and illustrated one of them. A volunteer storyteller for many years in various public and school libraries, she was led to puppetry, costumed storytelling and eventually to ventriloquism.

She believes that real stories about real people build a needed foundation for readers of all ages.

Hearts Turn When History Talks!