Susan B. Mitchell
Author, Storyteller, Historian
Hearts Turn When History Talks


Hi, I’m Susan the Story Teller — at least that is what my daddy called me. Not because I made up excuses or anything, but he knew I loved to write and over the years he requested

or actually assigned me to attack some big writing projects like our ancestor’s biography (Forever Stalwart) or capturing a sweet memory from a terrible war (Talking Tulips).

I am excited to begin this blog on the very week we are learning about Noah in our worldwide Old Testament Study because it it a good time to introduce another book, Noah Knew It. This one was written in rhyme and illustrated in large watercolor posters back in 1974. Later, with laser color separations the drawings were reduced for publication. It is available on Amazon in paperback. Any day now we will have keepsake hardback copies available on our website:

Leaving a comment on Amazon goes a long way in helping to promote a book. Please feel free to leave your comment, should you choose to purchase any of my books.

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