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Keepsake Hardcover Books

My purpose for creating a website and setting up a business was to make hardcover copies of my picture books available.

KDP (Amazon’s publisher) just started doing hardcover, but requires 75-pages. No children’s picture book is 75 pages. I told the technician that and he said, “You raise a good point. I will have to take that to committee.”

So, I purchased a supply of books and started to register a business, jumping through all the hoops of taxes and shipping details; a bit overwhelming for a great-grandma who just wants to write and share meaningful stories – stalwart stories.

In the meantime, I found a printer of hardcover book who supplies them on demand. That means I don’t have to keep a garage full of books; he will print and mail them as ordered.

Already Talking Tulips is available in hardcover at Barnes & Nobel. (I was so excited I had to order one myself just to be sure it works. I DOES.) Both soft and hardcover are now available on Amazon. I am working on uploading Noah Knew It as well.

Discounted Hardcover Books

As a result, I have some hardcover copies left that I will sell at big discount to any of you on this email list. Just message me directly, if interested: text (801) 822-3028 – email

Make it a good day,