Susan B. Mitchell
Author, Storyteller, Historian
Hearts Turn When History Talks

My grandma died in 1970. A year later I published my first song and dedicated it to her memory. Truly, it was her song. She had it sung it in Relief Society and DUP (Daughters of Utah Pioneer) camp meetings and told me it was to be sung at her funeral. I didn’t like to think about that, but when the time came it was on her program.

The song is arranged for women’s voices because RS Singing Mothers choirs were popular at the time. Well, I am down to the last bundle of copies and would like to share them in grandma’s honor for Memorial Day this year. A set of four copies (SSA and accompanist) are available. More copies for larger groups or ladies’ choirs are also available upon request.

Song Background: My husband was in Viet Nam, our tiny twins in the hospital with Hong Kong Flu, our infant son and I in the rocking chair when the Lord spoke to my aching heart with a simple melody and these words: “Endure to the end no matter what the trend. With faith to defend unto God we’ll ascend. ENDURE TO THE END.” I sang it over and over trying to remember it. As soon as the baby fell asleep, I jumped up, wrote down the words and roughed out the melody. Days later my mother noticed it still sitting on the piano and asked about it when she came to check on us. “You need to finish this,” she said. I did finish it and its message has blessed me time and again, carrying me over tough times, reminding me to keep enduring with cheerfulness to the end!